Horizon Creative Media Ltd

Terms & Conditions

Make sure you fully understand all our terms and conditions. By making any initial payment is a declaration of understanding and adhering to the terms and conditions in full.

1. Contract

i) Clients do not need to sign any exclusive terms and conditions to have to adhere and be held by them. Customer approval of work is deemed as a contractual agreement and fees paid on the agreed time is a mark of acceptance.

2. Copyright Terms

i) All intellectual property of the website will be held by Horizon Creative Media Ltd until full payment has been made, only then all intellectual property will be moved to the client.
ii) Client Responsibilities with copyright:
The client is responsible for their own provided content. In the event of the client requesting transferal of the website files to another provider, no use of website stock content that was provided by Horizon Creative Media Ltd can continue to be used as the license lays with Horizon Creative Media Ltd. This content will be removed before transferring over to a client. Any attempt to copy the website and its stock content will be seen as the client committing copyright infringement and may be subject to being reported.

3. Client Review Process

i) Clients will be provided with opportunities to review and change the website according to how they wish (within the boundaries of what was agreed) unless otherwise stated.

4. Turnaround Time

i) Clients can expect a website at the agreed time, subject to busy times of the year and high work volumes within the company. Deadlines may not be met if we encounter issues, delays in content collection, delays in agreed payment, etc.

5. Failure to Provide Required Information and Materials

i) Horizon Creative Media Ltd cannot be held responsible for any information or materials sent in error or in an inappropriate format.
ii) In order for Horizon Creative Media Ltd to remain efficient, we must ensure that work we carry out is completed at the scheduled time. Horizon Creative Media Ltd may have to reject work and exceed scheduled timeframes based on failure to receive content because we have tight and arranged work schedule.
iii) If you agree to provide us with the required information and subsequently fail to do within the project commencement we reserve the right to cease the project until receiving it.
iv) Any written content must be delivered as a popular word processing document or email with a clear outline of the pages and its content. Any image or video must be sent in via e-mail and not through file-sharing platforms or messaging software. All image and video content must be the appropriate formats and quality which will be needed to build the website effectively. Feel free to contact us for advice on the best formats or sizes.
v) Horizon Creative Media Ltd will always use client provided content and assume it is proofread and accurate. Horizon Creative Media Ltd is not responsible for any incorrect content provided by the client unless otherwise stated.

6. Compatibility

i) Horizon Creative Media Ltd will always aim to make all websites viewable and compatible with all web browsers. Horizon Creative Media Ltd cannot be held responsible for any websites failing to be viewable on any outdated or incompatible browsers. Horizon Creative Media Ltd would always suggest keeping your web browsers up to date with the latest versions to ensure the best performance from your websites. If you find a specific web browser that is incorrectly representing the website, please feel free to get in contact and we will always look to correct this as soon as possible.

7. Termination/Cancellation

i) Clients may choose to cancel their account at any time. Clients submitting cancellation requests in writing within the first 14 days of the initial payment being made will have their full payment refunded, minus any exempted add-ons or other non-refundable charges such as work already carried out or started (see Section 12. Point ii).
ii) Cancellations of services requested outside of the first 14 days will not receive a refund.
iii) If an account is terminated by us for any reason, including breach of our terms and conditions and/or privacy policy, no refund will be issued.
iv) We will automatically renew the domains associated with a project but 14 days of notice will be required before the domain renewal is due, for cancellation of individual domains.
v) Horizon Creative Media Ltd considers a website to be complete and any agreement fulfilled once the website is set live on the internet via our servers on the domain agreed. If a client cancels Horizon Creative Media Ltd’s services or requests the transferal of the website/design files before this happens, the client is seen to want to cancel and stop work on the website. This will include any work Horizon Creative Media Ltd has not been able to complete due to the request. If this is the case the client accepts some services may not be provided regardless of originally purchasing and agreeing to them without refund (see Section 7. Point ii).
vi) Customers may choose to cancel their promotional Services at any time in writing, however, 28 days’ notice must be given in order to cancel. Any additional or remaining payments within this time must be made before cancellation is actioned.
*As our promotional services are add-on services to our websites, anyone wishing to cancel both their promotional services and their website at the same time will be subject to the 28 days’ notice needed for the promotional service.

8. Domains Policy

i) Domains are renewed on an annual basis. Attempts will be made to contact the domain registrant a month prior to domain expiry through both email and telephone communication.
ii) Horizon Creative Media Ltd take no responsibility for any domain that expires due to incorrect contact information. It is the registrant’s responsibility to update us of any contact information changes.
iii) Horizon Creative Media Ltd take no responsibility for any domain that is unattainable due to competitors/clients or other parties purchasing them before Horizon Creative Media Ltd can. If this is the case, Horizon Creative Media Ltd will be more than happy to acquire alternatives.
iv) Domains can be renewed either upon a renewed direct debit agreement or through a £50 domain renewal fee.
v) Horizon Creative Media Ltd reserves the right to remove any associated domain services which go past the domain(s) expiry date.
vi) Horizon Creative Media Ltd will not guarantee the renewal of a domain name.
vii) Horizon Creative Media Ltd reserves the right to refuse transfer of domain until any arrears associated with a domain are paid.
viii) Renewal policy
Domains can be renewed by either a renewed direct debit agreement or domain renewal fee which will ensure the domain is renewed for a further year.
ix) If we do not receive positive confirmation of domain renewal prior to the domain expiry date Horizon Creative Media Ltd reserves the right to suspend services associated to the domain until the domain is renewed; associated domain services on the domain e.g. website hosting, emails, will be removed.

9. Liability

i) Horizon Creative Media Ltd is not responsible for any loss or damage from mistakes, failure to complete work on time or malfunctioning websites as well as any downtime that maintenance or technical issues may cause.
ii) It is the client’s responsibility to adhere to any specific industry standard regulations or specific business type requirements. Horizon Creative Media Ltd does not accept responsibility for any failure to comply with industry-specific regulations or specific business type requirements.

10. Search Engine Promotion

i) Horizon Creative Media Ltd is not responsible for any client’s website promotion unless a client has agreed to one of our website’ search promotion products. This will result in a fresh agreement unless previously stated in a website package.

ii) No guarantees can be made to ensure good rankings and promotional progression.

iii) Any failure to pay a monthly instalment or cancellation of the direct debit that has been set up to charge the client monthly will result in all services to cease until any outstanding payments are made in full.

iv) The keywords and locations used for a search promotion product with Horizon Creative Media Ltd are automatically accepted as consented by the client. Any disputes over keywords or locations will not be recognised as the client will have agreed that they were to be used for the SEO campaign.

v) Any advice given by Horizon Creative Media Ltd was relevant at the time, Horizon Creative Media Ltd cannot be held responsible for any old information used in error. We would always recommend contacting us for any updates or more relevant information regarding SEO and the campaign we may have in effect with a client.

GEO Optimised Pages:

i) If a search promotion product is cancelled, Horizon Creative Media Ltd will remove any pages, links, content or techniques used or added under the search promotion service. This may result in rankings lowering and the website performance to lower.

11. Conceptualising

Conceptualising is the process of creating concepts for clients.

i) For low-cost websites, one concept will be created. Information and needs are important to prevent additional costs.
ii) Horizon Creative Media Ltd is not responsible for any disliked concepts based on cases were any minimal information or vague referencing has been provided.

12. Payment Terms

i) Initial Payments
The quotes are given from that time and the work discussed, any changes or additions to workloads or timescales are chargeable.
ii) An advance of 50% of the total cost of the agreed project is required. After work commences, this is non-refundable.
iii) Failure of Payment
Payments of any agreed invoice are required to be paid within 14 days of the issue date, any failure to pay an outstanding invoice will result in work being ceased and may result in the entire project being terminated.
iv) Payment can be made via BACS, credit or debit card. A cheque can be used for payment, however, work will not commence until the cheque has successfully cleared.
v) Failure of a cheque payment will result in immediate termination of the project.
vi) Any refusal of payment will result in an immediate halt in services from designing to hosting and promotion.

13. Completion and Future Issues

i) At a point of the website going live the client automatically agrees the website is a fully functioning and represented exactly how they want it to.
ii) Horizon Creative Media Ltd is not held responsible for future attacks or issues with the websites caused by third parties i.e. malware, spyware, viruses, hacks. We will endeavour to fix and provide a solution to any threat or issue the website encounters, but we do not guarantee any solution or timeframe of when a solution will take effect.

14. E-commerce Regulation Compliance

i) It is the client’s responsibility to adhere to any specific industry standard regulations. Horizon Creative Media Ltd does not accept responsibility for any failure to comply with industry-specific regulations.
ii) Horizon Creative Media Ltd would recommend researching any required regulations or seeking legal advice before signing off on the project.

15. Website Hosting

i) Horizon Creative Media Ltd does not take responsibility for any downtime due to routine or unexpected (but required) maintenance.

16. Customer Service Commitments

i) Any communication made to Horizon Creative Media Ltd within business hours should be expected to be acknowledged within 24 hours. This includes contact attempts made to individual employee’s company phone numbers, email contacts as well as the Horizon Creative Media Ltd business and abuse contacts. We aim to resolve any issues within 2 working days.
ii) The Horizon Creative Media Ltd abuse contact is abuse@horizoncreativemedia.co.uk and is checked at regular intervals. This email can be used in regards to any abuse issues you have received e.g. phishing scams, spam email.
iii) Any correspondence should be expected to be acknowledged within 1 working day, and we will attempt to resolve the issue within 2 working days.
iv) Complaints made to Horizon Creative Media Ltd should be acknowledged by the associated account manager within 2 days. If your complaint isn’t dealt with in a satisfactory way, then it can be escalated and dealt with Horizon Creative Media Ltd management. To escalate your complaint, please use the following email address: james@horizoncreativemedia.co.uk and provide the details of the complaint. Complaints will be attempted to be resolved within 5 business days.

17. Client Training

i) Once a client’s website has been built, we will always be on hand to help tackle any issues or questions in regards to editing their new website.
ii) We also actively encourage the independent editing of any website created for our clients. Horizon Creative Media Ltd will always be available for a one-time training session on how to edit your website. This is part of any website package that includes paying a hosting charge.
iii) Horizon Creative Media Ltd would advise making a note of any specific types of changes or things they wish to know beforehand.
iv) After a client’s initial training we can help with any minor, one-off tips and training points. However, any additional full training requests will incur an additional charge.
v) At a point of the website going live, the client accepts the website is complete and exactly how they require it to be. This includes any design or technical decisions made to help make the website perform at its best (within the product or package purchased). However, once a client begins editing and changing certain aspects of the websites we can’t be held liable for any losses or damages caused by these changes.
vi) We will still be on hand to provide support and advise on the best causes of action to achieve a clients’ requested goal (within legal and ethical means) but would not be able to guarantee positive results and would always advise contacting your account manager to discuss the feasibility of any such change.

18. Closing Statement

i) If any of these terms are breached, this will not affect the other clauses and won’t affect the same clause being in effect in any future instances. Horizon Creative Media Ltd reserve the right to modify or add any terms at any time.
ii) Contact us at any time for an update on the latest terms.
iii) Agreement of the terms and conditions of Horizon Creative Media Ltd does not affect your statutory rights.