Twitter Turns 10 Years Old!

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Twitter Reaches the Big Ten!

Twitter Turns 10 Years Old!

After 10 years, Twitter is celebrating its 10th birthday!

Who would have guessed we would be so influenced and dependant on the little blue bird; from celebrity feuds to political petitions and decisions being made solely through the use of this simple yet effective social media platform.

Where were you?

When people say they remember where they were when a memorable or big event happened, many can do the same with their first tweet!

I remember my first tweet to be one of the basic structure; “hello everyone!?”

Being new to the social media format of Twitter I wasn’t expecting much and soon I realised the potential and the importance it was about to play. From a standard update of what I am doing or what I’m eating, after my first VIP following me, I began to use my account to spread jokes and thought-provoking descriptions to others.

It didn’t take me long to see the impact such a small and otherwise inferiorly considered social media platform was having on my life. The highs of my followers and followed brought me similar highs, and the lows transferred to my daily routine.

10 More Years

For 10 years we have enjoyed sharing the daily successes and daily struggles publically over the ever simplifying social media platform, but it would seem we will see many more years of it. Although Twitter lesser success over Facebook, it is still doing well and able to adapt when needed. With the growing users being celebrities, businesses, and even politicians, Twitter is going to be around for a long time. Unless we see the appearance of a new social contender…

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