Most of our lives are on social media these days and so are many of our influencers; specifically, our purchasing choices making advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn an important part of a company’s marketing.
With their own advert systems and the potential to reach millions of people, social media quickly became a necessity for most businesses as this has provided an effective and often inexpensive method of showcasing your company and services to the masses.



In the world of online advertising, it is hard to achieve the reach and effective marketing your business will need to increase its revenue and presence.
What makes it more effective for a business is its ability to reach anyone on the planet through the social system it adopts. The sharing mechanic is especially useful allowing the benefit of not only the immediate users reach, but the friends of those users and then the friends of those users; creating a potentially endless chain of share content from your business allowing you to reach people you would never have been able to reach if not for this digital word of mouth platform.


There are many different social media platforms you can use. However, they are not all the same, often used for different types of sharing to be aimed at different demographics, social media really depends on your goals. For example, Facebook is a great all-rounder that will allow you to share with other businesses and individuals from text, image or even live stream videos.
LinkedIn is good for the professionals as this Microsoft owned platform is aimed primarily at businesses and industry professionals allowing the sharing of job roles, industry techniques and exchange of services.
Instagram is very similar to Facebook and being that Facebook now owns Instagram it is slowly evolving to be more connected with the Facebook business model. Focusing on the visual, Instagram is an image, video and streaming form of social media with filters and tagging, this allows for businesses to advertise to their particular target audience in a more appealing and visual way.
Twitter is still a great way to keep clients and supporters up-to-date with the latest news of your businesses and services, often used for fast information and opinion sharing, it can be great to gain feedback and test out new ideas or products.


You can choose to simply gather a large following and share your posts with those followers and hope that their friends and followers will then see your posts and so on, or you can look to paid advertising.
With Facebook, you will be able to use an ad system that will allow you to assign a budget and it will be able to give a rough guide as to what you can expect from your targets and the budget you have assigned, along with analytical data that will help see your results and reach.
Instagram will offer something similar, however, it has adopted the use of influencers, which are people that have a huge following and they will demonstrate and endorse your services or products to help your reach and often so the process and results they get from your products – this is currently one of the most effective ways of social media advertising at the moment.
Twitter and LinkedIn offer a level of advertising but are far more understated. It is always important to find the best social media platform for your type of advertising to be sure it will be effective. If you are unsure of the type of social media marketing you would like to get involved with, then speak to us at Horizon Creative Media, we are always happy to offer advice and help you make the right decision.



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