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We will help you manage your social media activity, further aiding your online presence.

Social Media Management in Lancaster

Struggling to get started on social media for your business? If using and browsing social media sites isn’t your thing allow our team to improve your branding and customer relations online with our complete social media management packages.

To many people outside of the online marketing industry social media may seem to be nothing more than a light hearted distraction or a great way to share pictures of your holiday. When social media sites started gaining popularity about a decade ago this was probably the case for the majority of us. The reality today is that effective marketing and publicity through social media can convert into new leads for your business and ultimately more income for your business for relatively little effort.

We understand that many business owners don’t want to invest their own personal time into learning and getting the most out of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and although it is tempting to allow a family member or friend to “have a go” at social media for your business for free or next to nothing do you really want to potentially miss out on a great opportunity by not fully making use of social media sites? Popular social media sites have potentially thousands of customers online at any one time who could be interested in your products or services. Bearing this in mind it makes sense today to treat your social media presence like any other marketing service at your disposal.

With a relatively small investment in our social media management packages you could increase your following online and reach out to a whole host of new customers quickly and easily. Take a quick look below at our review of some of the best social media sites to increase awareness of your brand and business.

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Facebook, is one of the most popular social media platforms and is increasing in size and reach from year to year.

Percentage of Users in 2015: 43% of Social Media Users


Twitter, swiftly entering in behind Facebook’s shadow, provides a great quick platform to express short statements and updates on your companies whereabouts or activities.

Percentage of Users in 2015: 19% of Social Media Users


Google+ is ideal for people looking to boost their SEO through social media. Google actively responds to proper use of Google+ and by cordinating your on site SEO with use of Google+ you can really improve your site rankings.

Percentage of Users in 2015: 12% of Social Media Users


LinkedIn is essentially a b2b social media resource and is a very useful tool for reaching other companies that are in the same sector as you or looking for the products or services you provide.

Percentage of Users in 2015: 9% of Social Media Users