SEO Pricing

SEO Services Pricing

At Horizon we prefer to take a transparent stance with our SEO services so that you understand exactly what you will be getting from your SEO campaign and how it will benefit your website and ultimately your business.

This transparency also applies to our pricing policy. We charge our SEO services by the hour and before you sign up with us we will provide you with a quote for how many hours each month it will take for you to achieve your desired results. As the campaign continues and as your business changes we may increase or decrease your recommended allocated hours but we will always discuss this with you beforehand to ensure you are entirely happy with the service you are receiving.

We will always advise you of the best strategy to improve your rankings and search presence as quickly and cost effectively as possible without going against any search engine regulations or policies to ensure your SEO campaign is effective and sustainable. If you have a limited budget but would like to improve your presence on the search engines we can also create a campaign for you that will improve your search presence but at a slower rate. If you have a limited budget you can contact a member of our team to discuss creating a campaign that meets your budget requirements.

SEO Services Explained

SEO services generally fit into one of two categories, on site and off site SEO.

On site SEO is essential to secure your place in the rankings for your chosen keywords relating to your products or services. Depending on the level of competition you are facing in your industry and local area you may need additional content or aspects of your site redesigned to improve your search engine presence.

Off site SEO is a continual process that works in tandem with on site SEO. Good quality on site SEO will secure you a favourable position in the rankings but to retain and improve your rankings off site SEO is essential. We will take the time to plan and implement your off site SEO campaign allowing you peace of mind to focus on running your business.

On Site SEO Services

  • Site Content Analysis
  • Optimising Meta Tags, Titles and urls
  • Redesigning or structuring aspects or your site to improve SEO potential
  • Content Writing
  • Publishing Blog Posts
  • Keyword Research
  • Proof Reading

Off Site SEO Services

  • Link Profile Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Sourcing Link Building Opportunities
  • Publishing Articles and Blog Posts for Link Building