Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Services from Horizon Creative Media

At Horizon Creative Media we can provide you with the complete SEO service to help your business stand out online. From an aesthetic point of view we all know what makes a good website but when it comes to the work behind the scenes that ensures your website can be found on Google and the major search engines many of us are left in the dark.

There are a multitude of different factors that can either make or break your website and for many industries now online marketing cannot be seen as an additional extra asset to your marketing resources. As more of us start to search for every conceivable product or service we need online an effective online presence is becoming increasingly more vital to stay in business today.

This is where we can step in to help. Although SEO may be a new phrase for many people the reality is the industry is well established today which makes it more difficult to stand out in an already crowded online market place. We understand as a business owner that you want to focus on the day to day management and expansion of your business and we are here to help you reach your full potential by choosing us to take control of your search engine optimisation and online marketing presence.

Now I am going to explain how we can give you more time and peace of mind to focus on your business by explaining our approach to SEO and how it can benefit your company.

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Before commencing your SEO campaign we take the time to get know your business and how you want to advertise to attract more customers. We ask the right questions to ensure your SEO campaign is solid from the ground up to ensure you know what to expect from us and your fully optimised website.

We take the time to learn how you want to be viewed in your industry and like to learn about any USPs and how you stand out from your competitors. We use the findings of these initial discussions to research the best way to promote your company online. Where possible we endeavour to find niche areas of your industry that will bring in the right amount of new customers that your competitors may have missed out on.


On Site SEO

We use the findings of our research to create site content that will appeal to your customers and will also improve your chances of being found on the major search engines. Having the right content is one of many aspects that consists of good on site SEO which is essential if you want to appear organically under keyword searches for terms that relate to your industry.

Our experienced SEO specialists take the time to evaluate the entirety of your on site content to make sure it is as complete, accurate and compliant with the major search engines as possible. Many factors including the quality of your written content, how your website is designed and the overall user experience determine how favourably your website will appear in search engine results when people search for your products or services online.

Effective on site SEO is just one of the factors that will improve your chances of being found online. A fully optimised site is essential for off site SEO which is another major contributing factor when promoting your business online.

Off Site SEO

Off site SEO is also known as link building and is equally important to on site work when planning a successful SEO campaign.

When a new website is launched with full on site SEO implemented there is a strong chance it will rank well for chosen industry keywords. However, over time these rankings will start to diminish without supplemental off site SEO to solidify your standing with Google and the major search engines.

Link building, like most aspects of SEO and online marketing, relies on good quality links over quantity of links. Google and the major search engines assess the quality of your website by the links other websites share that lead to your site.

Our off site SEO service focusses on sourcing quality links that are relevant to your industry to improve your standing with the major search engines. We take the time to create high quality content that reflects your company and ensure it is published on the right platform to make sure you get the most out of your link building activities.

Off site SEO is a continual process and to achieve good results you need to invest the right amount of time into your link building. Depending on your industry and whether you are targeting customers on a local, national or international basis we can tailor the right off site SEO campaign to meet your needs at a fair price.